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Event Cancellation Insurance for Trade Shows, Expositions, Conventions & Meetings

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Event Insurance designed specifically for trade shows, expositions, conventions and meetings.


The ShowDown® Event Cancellation Insurance form is the broadest available.  Event Cancellation policy forms are “All Risk” forms, meaning coverage applies unless it is specifically excluded. The ShowDown® form has fourteen (14) or fewer exclusions.  All other Event Cancellation policy forms have twenty-three (23) or more exclusions.


ShowDown® automatically provides up to $2.5 million of coverage per insured event for an act of Terrorism that occurs within 100 days and 500 miles. If other programs provide such coverage, it is limited to $1 million for terrorist acts that occur within a smaller radius, typically 100 miles or less.

National Mourning

ShowDown® includes coverage for both the President of the United States and / or the Prime Minister of Canada.  All other programs provide coverage for individuals 70 years old or less.  Keep in mind that the President of the United States is 79 years of age.

Expanded Terrorism

ShowDown® can be expanded to include Nuclear, Chemical, Biological and Radiological (NCBR) acts. Other programs do not offer such coverage.

Civil Commotion

Coverage is included on ShowDown® proposals.  All other policies exclude coverage.

Multi Year Options

In these uncertain times, we offer the ability to insure events up to 36 months.  Other programs are limited to 24 months.


The ShowDown® program rates are typically 15% less than other programs.


ShowDown® proposals typically are delivered within 48 hours.

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